Monday, January 14, 2013

Nearly 3 years later....

What kind of a blogger am I anyway!!!???  Three years later I'm writing a post..... does anyone even read these things anymore? 

Since it has been three years since my last post, I will give you a quick update on the last three years....

2010- Two exhibits of my work at a local gallery, moved into our a house of our very own, mutually agreed to part ways with said local gallery. 

2011- Busy busy!  Coordinated the arts portion of a summer program for North Dakota youth, taught a summer, spring, and three fall college courses.  Found out wife and I were expecting!

2012- Super busy spring- taught 5 college classes, Baby Boy Ethan March 4th!!, applied and interviewed for two FT art positions (rejected), made 8 new prints in the summer!  One fall college class.

2013 (so far)  4 (FOUR) college classes... Missing printing, but have a few projects lined up.

Besides all this I had a touring show travel ND and MT and quite a few smaller shows in the last three years.  Also have started painting and making a few ceramic pieces.  Life is fairly good- can't complain much!

More soon.