Saturday, December 20, 2008

"NEW!" and Another Storm

I was invited to exhibit in a group exhibition at Third Street Gallery in Grand Forks, ND last week. The them is "NEW", and I think I'm going to show my "newest" (kind of) print, (it's from a monotype workshop I took last June) and try to make a new print as well before the deadline which is January 6th, so it's coming up very quickly. I haven't decided what I'm going to do for the second print yet, in the past with short deadlines I've done screen-prints. They can be done quite quickly. I need to decide quickly though! I will post some pictures later on when I decide what to do.

Oh, and we have yet another storm here in North Dakota, it's not nearly as bad ass as last weekends and probably not considered a blizzard. So we are off to a wonderful start to the winter here!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Saturday we had our first blizzard here in North Dakota this winter. That same day we had a print sale at the studio where I make all of my prints. The combination didn't seem to work too well, even though the weather was fine up until 7pm when the sale ended. They started forecasting the storm late in the week and by Friday the grocery stores were filled with people stocking up on food, by some accounts mostly bread and milk.

My finace and I were going to stay in Fargo with some friends but were worried about our dog and cats so we decided to try to make it home. I was a bit hesitant about this at first but was pretty confident we could make it. We live on a farm about 35 miles west of Fargo, and the drive took us about an hour compared to the normal 30 minutes or so. Several times we ran into "white-out" conditions, for those of you who don't know what that is it's when all you can see in front of your car is the hood and if your lucky the line on the side or middle of the road. It's not fun, especially when there are semis and other vehicles on the road with you. Apparently that's the most common accident in a blizzard, being rear-ended. Fortunately that didn't happen and when we were feeling pretty good until we pulled in our driveway and found a 2-3 foot high x 4 foot long drift. We had two choice get out and walk from there or back up and try to ram through it. We chose the latter, which was quite fun! We made it through and were stuck here until this morning when a neighbor came with a tractor-snow blower and cleared out our yard.

It was actually pretty nice being stuck here for a few days. I made several trips outside to take photos during and after the storm and feel kind of refreshed. There isn't much to do when your stuck, so we got lots of rest and relaxation. It was kind of nice.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Can't Sleep

Well it's about 3am and I can't sleep tonight for some reason.

Last week was pretty great I had two sales at different galleries and an invitation to exhibit 25-35 prints. I started working on what I was going to show and haven't quite decided, but I need to soon because the show is in February. My main gallery in Fargo has also moved and expanded into a bigger space, it's very nice and I'm excited to continue working with them. Their website is
I've been working on a series of trees for the last three years. Trying to make each one different and unique. The idea was to do a series called "30 Trees" and I've been numbering them "Tree #1" on so on. So far I have 26 done and working on the 27th. I should be done by the end of the year I think.
The cityscapes I started working on in graduate school in 1999 and I think I got tired of them in 2003... ran out of ideas and motivation to do them. I've just gone back to them in the last year or so and feel like I will probably make at least 4-5 more. I have the sketches done anyway. Who knows it might be a long time before I get them done.
Right now I'm out of paper pretty much so I'm going to have to figure out a way to buy some paper soon. Last time I used a credit card... not good. I think this time I'll be able to use some of the money from selling prints to buy some paper... good.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


My name is Eric, I'm an artist/printmaker working from Fargo, North Dakota.  I'm kind of new to blogging, although I've done some on MySpace and FaceBook.  I'm not entirely sure what the purpose is but I've used it as a way to vent and share.  
This blog will be just that, and more!  Since it seems quite easy to upload images and I don't need to know html code or anything fancy I'm hoping that this will be a blog about myself and my work.  
So if your reading this, hello and welcome to my blog!  (To the right is one of my newer prints completed in May of 2008.  It's one of the largest I've done and took me about five months to finish.)