Friday, March 4, 2011

Ch-Ch-ch-Cha- Changes!

I really think I should start writing a blog more often! It's been 8 or 9 months since my last entry! Since then... lots of things have happened... My wife and I bought a house for one! Art-wise 2010 was crazy busy. I had a ton of art to frame for a touring show AND make enough new work for an exhibit of newer work. On top of that I have been teaching more and was finally able to move to a part-time position at my FT job I've had for 16 years! So mostly good things were happening. .. After doing all that work I decided to take a little hiatus from printmaking and started doing some painting and experimenting with other mediums. Have spent way more time at home which has been really nice.
Earlier this year my main gallery that I have been showing my work in decided to part ways with me, which I see as a good thing and have been thinking about doing the same thing for a while.
A couple really cool things have happened recently too. In May I will be in Professional Artist magazine! I think it is going to be a one page article, but I'm really excited about that!

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