Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wow- another three years later and I have come back again!  

So a lot has happened again since my last post!  Wouldn't it be boring (or nice depending on the person) if nothing had changed in three years!  

And since I don't feel like writing very long blog right at this moment, I will just share that I would like to start up this blog again as a way of putting down some thoughts for my next show, coming up in 2017.  

And not just any show, but one that once upon a time had been one of my be all/end all goals.  Something that I had hoped would happen a long time ago, then almost did, then didn't.  Some time passed and then when I am least expecting it to happen, here I am writing this.  And it's still a big deal to me, so the pressure is on!!  

So the details I will share later on, but I will be creating almost all new work for this.  Something that I have not had the chance to do since I was in graduate school.  

I've let the many ideas I've had swirl around in my mess of a brain for a while and now have decided after some suggestions, to just start.  Which is the advice that I give all my students in my studio classes, so I'm not sure why I was even waiting.  

So friendos; I hope to make this a regular thing.  I'll need to set up some sort of reminder I think (technology has done wonders for this artist!).

Rock on Wichita!  

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